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    Learning Magic

Learning Magic

Magic is one of those universally loved ART forms. Almost everyone knows a magic trick and there is no one who does not want to know more. It’s fun, mystical logical, entertaining and much more. But beneath the surface there are even more benefits one picks up - self confidence, being more sociable, confidence to perform in front of people or even unknown individuals, logical thinking.

We’d like to introduce you to Xavier, a magician with 25 years of experience who has come forward to share & teach his experiences and tricks to kids and adults. In the 3hr class Xavier will -

  • Give an Introduction about Magic
  • Show how to perform, how to use expressions, how to draw the audiences attention
  • Perform some really enthralling magic tricks
  • Teach the group around 10 Magic tricks with everyday objects like paper, rubber bands, ball, spoon, currency, tumblers, etc
  • A Magic kit containing different magic items which one can use to train and perform magic will also be available for buying (Rs.600/-), alongwith some individual items on sale too
  • Ideal for ages 7+ . For Adults (16 years and above) the class will be similar but with more complex magic. Professional magic trick items will be available for purchasing too
  • If this class does ignite the passion for magic in you, your child, Xavier has more advanced workshops and regular classes which you can enroll for

Class fees: Rs.3,000/- for 3 hours for a group of 6 participants . Every Additional participant: Rs.500/-

Pls call us on +91 9108515824 to rent this product