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  • Learning Candle Making Learning Candle Making Learning Candle Making
    Learning Candle Making

Learning Candle Making

Making your own candles is a fun do-it-yourself activity that you can do to create unique and customized gifts, holiday accents, or decorations. Candles are extremely versatile and provide you with many options in terms of color, scent, shape, size, and style.

Sarita, an extremely talented creative artist with over a decades experience will in this 3hr class take you through;

Learning the art of candle making across different types of candles;-

  • Floating Candles: Slow-burning floating candles have cotton wicks. The floating candles are made of the highest quality paraffin wax
  • Gel Candles: are Stylish & Designed Decorative Candles, Decorative Candles can be Used at Any occasion Festival, Birthday, Wedding, Ceremonies, Casual etc. These candles also make cherished gifts for all occasions
  • Learn how to properly embed the wick, carve beautiful candles and incorporate perfumes, scents, essential oils and colour into your candle designs
  • Learn candle making for not only your creative pleasures but also to be sell your creativity. Basic, Designer Candles, Decorative Candles, Pillar Candles, Photo candles, Tutty Fruity Candles, Chunks Candles, Ice candles, Carved Candles etc
  • Materials are included in the price. Suitable for all ages 12yrs+

Class fees: Rs.3,750/- for 3 hours for a group of 5 participants . Every Additional participant: Rs.750/-

Pls call us on +91 9108515824 to rent this product

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