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  • Hand played Dholak

Hand played Dholak

The dholak is one of the most widely utilized drums in the folk music of India. It is basically a double headed drum with the bass head on one side and the treble head on the other.

  • Dholak for festivity/wedding/ satsang - very easy to tune
  • Professional grade dholak made from wood producing a high quality sound
  • This Dholak is played by hand
  • Actual piece might differ from photos however specifications will be the same
  • We tune the instrument prior to delivery however tuning at your end will be necessary to derive the best sound from the instrument.

Rent for: Rs.350/- for 1 day. Every Additional day: Rs.300/-

Note: Booking exists for dates which are Disabled.

Note: Booking exists for dates which are Disabled.

Self Pick Up
(Timings: Strictly 10am – 7pm)

Rental Price : 

  • Rs.350

Deposit : Rs.0
Total Price: Rs.

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