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Club Zest

Join us at Club ZEST, that’s our Members club and we try our best to make it special!!

What we have here for you is;

·       Our Top end, latest products reserved exclusively for our Members

·       You rent a product you pay a rental fee and a refundable security deposit which on returning the product the gets  refunded to you. With Club ZEST since you are a member the security deposit required for every transaction is waived. You just pay the nominal rental fees and complete the transaction. It is so easy and hassle free!

·       Joining Club ZEST is equally easy.  You pay a Refundable Membership Deposit of Rs.1,000 to become a member. Note: this is fully refundable, there’s no lock-in and at the click of a button anytime you want you can initiate your refund.

·       At the backend what we do is, since we have a membership deposit from you, we waive of the requirement of taking any further security deposits for transactions done by you.

·       We continuously want to provide benefits to our Members. Hence be surprised with ongoing offers, relaxed rental periods and even bundled products given to you for free for your enjoyment.  


Look forward to have you join us!! 

Do register as a User on Yopik.in and then go to the ‘Join Club ZEST’ section. Joining, redeeming, your membership statement are all clearly, transparently displayed out there. 

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