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About Us

Life is about experiences! Our work, travel, activities, relationships are experiences which define us and what we seek!

For these you need the Interest, Will, Curiosity, Strength, Passion.  But a small part of these experiences are the enablers (items required, gadgets, equipment) which are small but a necessary part and at times expensive and not easily available.

On the other hand the world is full of innovation and this manifests itself best in products! Robots, virtual reality, sports equipment, kitchen gadgets, creative and modern toys all catch our fancy with a wish to experience them.

Items like a barbeque set, karaoke, cricket bowling machine to simple things like a tug of war are required for our enjoyment. At times we require even basic essentials like an oven, backpack, vaccuum cleaner, wheelchair, music system which are not readily available. 

Thus was born Yopik.  We make modern day, top quality products across new age, innovative, regular and basic items available for all to use, without the need to purchase and by paying just a nominal usage fee. We have end to end control and manage everything, across owning a majority of our products, warehousing and maintaining them, the front end ecommerce online booking website, home delivery and customer service all of which go into delivering a seamless high bar experience for our customers.

On another level, why do we need to buy so many things, own so many items? Isn’t this the exact opposite of reducing materialism, minimalism, being self-contained.  We want to contribute to saving our planets resources but yet are forced to continuously consume, own.  

This is the spiritual side of Yopik. Forget about the material things, go after your passion, experiences and don’t be fixated on the material enablers.

Personally too, I know how guilty I am of this – I remember being more excited about buying a branded overjacket for taking on a trek whereas I really should have just bought an appropriate, economical one and got done with it.  Considering I haven’t been on a trek for the past five years I don’t even feel justified in owning one and should have actually just borrowed/rented it out!

We hope Yopik can live up to your expectations and contribute in some meaningful way to your experiences.

All the Best

Ojas Parikh

Founder, Yopik.in