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About Us

Life is about experiences. Our work, travels, hobbies, extra-curricular activities, friendships, relationships are all Experiences. Experiences are what define us and experiences are what we Seek!!

For these experiences, above all, you need the Interest, Will, Curiosity, Strength, Love, Passion.  But a small part of these experiences are the enablers (items required, gadgets, materials, specialized equipment) which are a small component but necessary and at times expensive, not easily available, etc.

On the other hand the world is full of innovation and innovation manifests itself best in products! Robots, Drones, 3D printers, sports equipment, kitchen gadgets, creative and modern toys and why go that far, even basic essential items like an oven, a backpack, a solar lantern are required and might not be handy with us when required.

Thus was born Yopik.  We and everyone else want to explore, learn new things and spread our wings and the one small ingredient which needs to be arranged is the products and equipment needed for these experiences. This is that one ingredient that Yopik seeks to provide. We have and continuously want to offer top quality products for your use, for making the most of the occasion/activity you need it for and post that to return it and pay just a usage fee for the same.  

On another level, Why do we need to buy so many things? Why do we need to own so many things? Isn’t this the exact opposite of reducing materialism, minimalism, being self-contained.  We want to contribute to saving our planet’s resources but yet are forced to continuously consume, own.  

This is the spiritual side of Yopik. Forget about the material things, go after your passion, experiences and don’t be fixated on the material enablers.

Personally too, I know how guilty I am of this – I remember being more excited about buying a branded bomber jacket for taking on a trek and post the trek too, continuously looking at jacket brands whereas I really should have just bought an appropriate, economical one and got done with it.  Considering I haven’t been on a trek for the past three years I don’t even feel justified in owning one and really should have just borrowed/rented it out!

Well hoping Yopik can live up to your expectations and contribute in some meaningful way to your experiences.


All the Best

Ojas Parikh

Founder, Yopik.in