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Damage Policy

Damage to products can happen anytime despite our best care. Don’t stress we have our service network who can deal with these at best, actual, fair prices. We do not make or even desire to make money on repair jobs, hence be rest assured these are genuine repair charges only.

At our end, based on the condition of the product at the time of delivery and the condition of the product when returned as evidenced by the product photos and physical examination of the product, our repair technicians will ascertain the extent of damage and repairs, if required. This repair cost will be communicated to you. Pls note we will not be able to provide you the breakup of the repair cost, just the total amount, which will be final. We are not concerned with and do not entertain estimates from other service providers/ examine other alternatives.

Pls find the damage/ non-return of products policy in the Terms and Conditions section, an extract of which is exhibited below.

These are guidelines and can vary case to case depending on the damage but rest assured the assessment is done basis these guidelines and actuals. 

     1) For normal wear and tear of the product which is reasonable to assume for the rental period, no charges are levied.

     2) For any cosmetic damage not hampering the working of the product, actual repair costs or a maximum of 15% of the     MRP of the product (whichever is lower) will be charged.

     3) For any damage which hampers the functioning of the product, actual repair costs or the MRP of the product will be charged (whichever is lower).

     4) For damages where the product is non-functional and/or render the product unusable the MRP of the product will be charged.

     5) For non-return of the product to Yopik within 48 hours of the end of the rental period the same will be treated as ‘THEFT’  of the product.  The MRP of the product plus 30% penalty of this price will be charged to the user. Delay in payment of this charge beyond 7 days of it being levied will attract a further penalty of Rs.100 per day till the payment is made.

Note: Renting out products from www.Yopik.in is covered under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 as can be found in the Terms and Conditions of Use of www.Yopik.in to which the user has consented to.  Theft of the product will invite Civil and Criminal action (including filing an FIR and police action) initiated by Yopik Partners against a user of the site amongst other recourses and damages that Yopik Partners can seek.

For all charges which are levied on the user of the website, you authorize Yopik Partners to deduct these charges from the refundable security deposit paid for renting out products from the website and/or your Club ZEST membership deposit.